Founded in 1957, Wouter Sosson Pfeiff & Partners is a specialist law firm within the field of family law.

Our experienced team of lawyers are able to deal with all legal matters relating to families. Specifically, we provide:

  • Legal advice:
    We clearly and concisely explain the applicable law and how it is applied by the relevant jurisdiction. We detail the options available to clients as well as provide a legal opinion on the best course of action, based on the client's needs. If required, we formulate written legal consultations.

  • Conciliation & Negotiation:
    We are able to arrange meetings between parties in order to facilitate an amicable or compromise solution. We draw up binding agreements between parties or liaise with a family mediator (see Alternate processes of dispute resolution);

  • Procedural:
    Our lawyers are able to introduce and manage judicial procedures in situations of conflict, assist the client in the notarial phase, etc.

Within this framework, a continuous dialogue with the client is essential, both with regard to strategic choices as well as their implementation.