What we do

The association Wouters Sosson Pfeiff & Partners is specialised in all aspects of family law:

Personal aspects

  • Civil status: change of name (last name, first name), etc.;
  • Incapacity: guardianship, provisional administration, extended minority, etc.;
  • Marriage: marriage annulment, marriage of convenience, putative marriage;
  • Cohabitation and registered partnerships: division of property, parental authority, physical custody and child support;
  • Divorce: judicial separation, divorce proceedings and proceedings for interim relief regarding the separate residences, maintenance, alimony, marital property, parental authority and physical custody, child support, divorce by mutual consent;
  • Maternity and paternity: proceedings to contest or establish paternity/maternity, establishment of an adulterous parenthood, establishment of parenthood after artificial insemination or surrogate motherhood;
  • Adoption: internal and international;
  • Right of contact for grandparents or others third parties;
  • Maintenance obligations between relatives and relatives by marriage;

Patrimonial aspects

  • Marriage contracts
  • Matrimonial regimes: liquidation of marital property and termination of joint possession after a divorce;
  • Termination of joint possession after a legal cohabitation;
  • Inheritance
  • Gifts and donations

International aspects

  • Family proceedings of an international nature;
  • Recognition of foreign judgments;
  • International child abductions.